Fuel Sales

Here at 645 Services we offer a variety of fuels.

Diesel (Derv)

Normal road diesel. Standard white diesel as found on a garage forecourt.

Red Diesel* (Gas Oil / Offroad)

*Restricted use

Taken from the Gov Website..

  • for vehicles and machinery used in agriculture, horticulture, fish farming and forestry. This includes allowing vehicles used for agriculture to be used for cutting verges and hedges, snow clearance and gritting roads
  • to propel passenger, freight or maintenance vehicles designed to run on rail tracks
  • for heating and electricity generation in premises used for non-commercial purposes. This includes: the heating of homes and buildings such as places of worship, hospitals and townhalls; and electricity generation for homes and other premises being used for non-commercial purposes
  • for maintaining golf courses and community amateur sports clubs (including activities such as ground maintenance, and the heating and lighting of clubhouses, changing rooms etc)
  • as fuel for all marine craft refuelling and operating in the UK (including fishing and water freight industries), except for propelling private pleasure craft in Northern Ireland
  • for powering the machinery of travelling fairs and travelling circuses (including providing heat and electricity for caravans used by them)

Kerosene (Heating Oil)

Kerosene is typically pale yellow or colourless and has a not-unpleasant characteristic odour. It is obtained from petroleum and is used for burning in kerosene lamps and domestic heaters or furnaces

GTL Fuels

GTL Fuels are alternative fuels for use in Diesel engines to be able to reduce local emissions. Made using a process called Fischer-Tropsch which manufactures hydrocarbon products from natural gas or other hydrocarbon-based feedstocks. GTL Fuel products are virtually free of aromatics, poly-cyclic aromatics, olefins, sulpher, nitrogen and metals, making the fuel colourless and virtually odourless. GTL Fuels can be bought in both White and Red (Offroad). With Rec having the same restriction of use as standard Red Diesel.

Renewable Fuel

645 Services are proud to announce that we have been approved as Renewable fuel suppliers under the Renewable Fuel Assurance Scheme run by Zemo Partnership.

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