Drains, Gulleys and Wash pits

Drains, Gulleys and Wash Pits

Clearing Drains, Gulleys and Wash Pits is a Landowner’s responsibility. If Drains and Gulleys are not free running, there could be liability for major repair or damage costs caused by flooding. Severe weather conditions often cause severe flooding and potential disruption to highways, traffic and damage to buildings.

The risk of potential repair bills for damage can be enormous. Is it really worth taking a chance and neglecting those drains and gulleys?

During freezing weather conditions, blocked drains and roadside gulleys may cause excessive ice to build on roadways. If the Landowner is found responsible for neglecting blocked drains and gulleys potential liability cost could run into thousands or millions of pounds.

Call in the professionals at 645 Services who are trusted by local authorities, property maintenance businesses and private landowners, to maintain and protect homes, highways and commercial environments and keep everything running smoothly.

Talk to us about our wide range of gutter, gully pot and highway cleansing services that include cleansing and jetting, blockage clearing, CCTV surveys, maintenance, repairs and a 24/7 emergency response team who’ll have you back up and running in no time.

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