Gas Free Certification

Tank cleaning is complicated, dirty and potentially dangerous work. Fires and explosions can occur due to the combustibility of the material being dealt with.

645 Services offer a comprehensive service for the internal cleaning of tanks which may contain harmful substances to a certified gas free standard, including tanks contaminated with aviation fuels, oil-based products, acids, phenols, chemicals and agricultural products. The service may also extend to decommissioning and removal of the tanks.

For each operation 645 Services provide a full Risk Assessment and Method Statement giving precise details of the plant and equipment to be used and in what way. The handling of any hazardous, contaminated or toxic waste is a specialist business, 645 Services is one of a handful of specialist companies able to meet the requirements of Government agencies, Local Authorities, Public Utilities as well as national and multi-national companies.

645 Services are qualified to carry out tank atmosphere testing and Gas Free certification and is supported by Third Party and Products Liability Insurance with supervisors fully trained in the use of gas detection equipment and oxygen level metering. All relevant safety regulations together with local fire authority recommendations are stringently followed and may include the use of breathing apparatus.

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