Waste Oil Collection

Waste Oil Collection 645 Services

Waste Oil Collection

645 Services offer a comprehensive national Waste Oil Collection service offering a prompt, reliable and compliant recycling option for the following:

  • Waste oil collection
  • Lubricating oils (sump oils)
  • Soluble oils
  • Electrical insulation oils
  • Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO)
  • Medium and Light Fuel oils
  • Diesel
  • Kerosene
  • Gas Oil
  • Interceptor waste  

Waste Oil Treatment

This waste oil is then treated in one of the following ways:

  • recovered and reintroduced to market for its original use
  • recovered as a base oil for reintroduction to the lube oil market
  • recycled as a fuel oil for industrial use

Hazardous Waste Regulations

Under the UK Government Environment Agency, waste oil is officially classified as Hazardous Waste, therefore responsibility of your ‘Duty of Care’ requires the use of a Licensed Professional Waste Handler. 645 Services Ltd carry all the Environment Agencies Licenses and Certification for carrying and disposal of Classified Waste. As an industry-leading waste oil specialist, we’re able to advise on all aspects of safe storage, cleaning, transport and disposal of classified waste in the safest and most cost-effective methods.

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